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Looking to implement a MedsCheck service?

..... it's the simplicity of MedsCK that makes all the difference. You can have a MedsCheck service in your pharmacy implemented in a day. Talk to us how. It's much easier than you think.

  •    Complies with all 7CPA requirements. .... more
  •    Easy implementation. No software to install. We can manage roll-out to all your stores.
  •    Daily management and performance reports for owners, managers and pharmacists.
  •    The easiest, most user friendly and cost effective system available.
  •    Integrates with FRED, LOTS and PharmacyPro without slowing your dispensing system.

Subscription - $420 per annum.

Australia's #1 MedsCheck software, with over 220,000 reviews; annual subscription $420.00 (ex GST).

Medscope hopes that by reducing the entry cost, pharmacies will be encouraged to continue to support MedsChecks during the bridging period while the 6th Agreement is being negotiated.

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