Medscope Medication Review Manager Decision Support

Medication Review Management.

Medication Review Manager (MRM) enables pharmacies and pharmacists to centralise medication review workflow by providing a purpose-built management system that is multi-user, scalable and portable.

With MRM, HMRs are properly managed, audited, never lost and are completed in a timely manner.

A small saving in time has a significant effect on HMR profitability.

Each MRM management feature will consistently save the accredited pharmacist time.

Pharmacists committed to HMRs and/or RMMRs will have to (at some point in time) implement a management system, either by purchasing MRM or developing their own managed system.

MRM™ Management Features.

Track each case from referral to payment. At any point in time, know what stage each review is at; how long it has been in the system; and what was completed and when. MRM will help you organise and manage your workload efficiently.

Use MRM's map viewer to cluster interviews by geographic location and schedule to minimise travel time. A calendar view helps you with your weekly interview appointments, and generates a daily schedule sheet for you to take with you when you hit the road.

Pre-interview preparation
Before an interview, use MRM to perform a quick analysis of the patient's profile. This will help identify issues that should be explored during the interview. You can also add your own issues to the in-built interview template in Microsoft word.

The in-built interview template, the auto-filled claim form, the schedule sheet and pre-interview analysis will help you prepare for all interviews quickly and efficiently.

If the interviews are not conducted by the accredited pharmacist, the interview kit generated by MRM is critical in guiding the interviewing pharmacist through the process.

Report writing.
Significant time writing the HMR/RMMR report is spent wording identified issues to clearly communicate your findings to the GP.

MRM's decision support is medication review specific. Findings are worded for direct use in reports, using a modified SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) format. MRM's wording, however, can be customised and personalised to suit individuals' reporting styles.

Personalising involves replacing references to patient, with the patient's name. A report preference set via the My Account menu controls this behaviour.

Customising involves editing the MRM finding to your own wording. Options exist to apply the wording change only to the current case, or every time an issue is activated.

Follow up alerts.
Email reminders are automatically generated to remind pharmacists of coming follow up reviews.

Follow up management.
One area of the HMR process that pharmacists have great influence is in annual review follow-ups. MRM has a sophisticated follow-up management system to facilitate the process.

Access to past review details.
Access to a patient's previous reviews and notes are all at you finger tips. When working on a referral, MRM will automatically retrieve past reviews for you.

Manage multiple pharmacists under a single MRM administrator account.
MRM allows teams of pharmacists to work together under a single administrator account. Referral allocation, HMR cap management, claiming and other administrative account tasks are simple single-click operations in MRM .... See how

Referral channeling.
MRM allows pharmacies within a group to channel reviews to the group's nominated accredited pharmacist(s). Stores without an accredited pharmacist can pass referrals to stores who have an accredited pharmacist.

GP activity reports.
You can keep your GPs up to date with the progress of their HMR referrals by having MRM send them weekly activity statements by email. The statements show the GP how many HMRs were referred in the previous week + a status of all ongoing referrals ...see how

Managing your paper-based filing system.
There are some paper documents that you may need to file manually, in particular those that require a signature. MRM has a unique file management feature that allows you to use MRM as an electronic index to your paper based system .... See how

Significant time can be saved by delegating the task of data entry to assistants. Multiple data entry accounts can be linked to an MRM account.

Why Standardise your HMR system?

In business practice, process is paramount. Having systems that are managed, repeatable and auditable is essential to delivering consistent high quality (and scalable) services. MRM is the only commercially available tool that can be used as a HMR management system for business.

MRM has been designed as a central business management system.

MRM will help pharmacists follow a structured medication review process. Referrals won't be misplaced or forgotten. Faxes and paper copies won't be lost. Every HMR will be managed and completed in a timely manner.

Quality control.
In-built decision support helps pharmacists identify and QA HMR issues. Pre-interview templates guide/streamline the pharmacist through the interview process, and suggest issues that may require further investigation. A single click report preparation function ensures consistent GP friendly reports.

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program provides pharmacists with PSA/AACP accredited skills development specific to medication reviews.

Easy deployment.
MRM is a web based product that will run on a standard Microsoft computer without requiring special software. You can buy a standard off-shelf computer and start using MRM straight away. No software installations.

Users can login into MRM on any computer that is connected to the internet.

Maintenance of core HMR data is centralised and managed by Medscope's support and maintenance team. Members don't need IT specialists to maintain the system.

Supports shared resources across members. If an accredited pharmacist from one member pharmacy is overloaded or unavailable, referrals can be channeled to an available resource from another pharmacy (or to a contracted accredited pharmacist).

Use of the Medscope HMR system results in consistent high quality HMRs that involve efficient use of staff and result in better care for customers. There are significant opportunities for expansion of HMRs once a management system is in place. Potential changes in the 5th Pharmacy Agreement may further enhance these opportunities.

Pharmacists committed to HMRs will have to (at some point in time) implement a management system, either by purchasing MRM or developing their own managed system.