When you sign up, an account will be created with three free credits. You can use MRM™ with three of your referrals; utilising all the available features. This will allow you to assess MRM's capabilities against your needs before making a commitment to purchase.
MRM™ is designed to work with you to save you time and support you in Medication Reviews. When you finish your three reports, you can then choose to subscribe to one of the following plans. Each has been carefully chosen to suit most Accredited Pharmacists.
If you wanted to continue using MRM™ on a case-by-case basis, you can purchase reports when you need them using the pay per report option.

Payment Plans

Referral-initiated Reviews are charged 1 credit, Follow Up Reviews 1/2 Credit and 2nd Follow Up Review 1/4 credit.
Click on plan options below to view plan details
Pay per report  Plan 12  Plan 20  Plan 48  Plan 120  Plan 240
Suitable for pharmacists who only do a few reviews per year
  Pay $23.60 per report. Purchase credits as required online using your credit card.

** All prices are inclusive of GST

How Do I Purchase ?

You can purchase credits and/or upgrade your plan from the

Account Summary

section on your home page - you first need to be logged in.

How Am I Charged ?

A credit is required for you to create a new HMR/RMMR referral (case) in MRM. Follow Up and 2nd Follow Up Reviews are charged at 0.5 and 0.25 credits respectively. In the case where an assistant is creating new referrals for you (via a 'Data Entry' account), a credit is not required (for the assistant). You, however, require a credit to 'Accept' the referral.

A credit is returned to you if you 'Reject' a referral. Referrals cannot be rejected after the interview stage has been completed. If a referral cannot be completed (after interview stage) you can contact Medscope to cancel the referral and have a credit returned.

The objective is for Medscope to charge for COMPLETED referrals .... that is we get paid if you get paid.