Medscope Medication Review Manager Enterprise

Medication Review Manager™ Solutions

Medication review Manager is a complete HMR package that addresses every aspect of the medication review workflow, from referral to payment.
MRM Elements  

For the pharmacist this means

  • A centralised system for managing HMRs from referral to payment.
  • A pre-interview process that means you are alwayd prepared at interviews.
  • A mechanism to assist in the identification of potential medication issues.
  • A mechanism to QA findings against those identified by Australia's leading accredited pharmacists (knowledge experts).
  • Quality consistent reports that meet the GPs reporting standards.
  • An increase in HMR productivity and efficiency.
  • An easy system for auditing and referring to past reviews.

For pharmacies this means:

  • Efficient cost effective HMRs.
  • A system for establishing (and scaling) an effective HMR service for your customers.
  • Strengthening the connection with your customers through the HMR service
  • An avenue to identifying other professional services that customers can benefit from.
  • Content staff; people doing what they were trained to do.