Medscope Medication Review Manager Enterprise

Medication Review Manager™ Enterprise

Under the enterprise model, MRM can be configured so referrals are shared across multiple accredited pharmacists, or even across multiple pharmacies within a brand group.
Enterprise   With the enterprise model, a number of secondary accounts can be created within the primary MRM account.

This means that under a single payment plan, any numbers of accredited pharmacists are able to access, manage and service the common referral list.

The model is ideal for brand groups, where an accredited pharmacist may only exist for some of the stores within the group.

MRM enterprise is also suited for HMR consultancy businesses who employ multiple accredited pharmacists.
The advantage of MRM used in this enterprise model, is that the brand group (or consultancy business) is able to develop a unified reporting standard and unified management processes for their accredited pharmacist.

The individuality of the accredited pharmacist is still maintained using the model. Each pharmacist maintains their own account attributes, and contact details. Even though the completed report adheres to the group's formatting standard, the reviewing pharmacist is clearly identified. This applies to the pre-interview guide and the printed claim form.

Individual pharmacist customisation.
To allow for flexibility, it is possible to customise MRM's reports for each pharmacist within the enterprise model. Even though this defeats the enterprise principle, Medscope can accommodate for this on request.

Pharmacy groups (and/or consultancy businesses) that are able to take advantage of MRM's enterprise model will be able to brand their HMR professional service.

GPs will be able to identify the HMR reports produced by their quality, consistency and format.