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Psychotropic Monitor  

Psychotropic Monitor

Tools in Mediciation Review Monitor™(MRM) to assist accredited pharmacists in supporting and implementing the Aged Care Quality Standards.
MRM how-to video  

HMR Claiming - Direct PPA claiming via MRM

Medication Review Mentor (MRM) supports direct PPA claiming. This means you can claim your HMR in MRM without having to log into the PPA portal and manually type in the HMR details. This computer to computer claiming system has been developed by the Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA) to allow third-party systems such as MRM to process claims electronically.
MRM how-to video  

Introducing RMMR portal to GPs

Manage your facility site visits in advance by electronically requesting collaborative RMMR referrals from the GP for the patients you plan to review.
medscope MRM version 2.12 features  

Thinking clearly about the anticholinergic burden

Older people can be particularly sensitive to the anticholinergic effects of medicines.1 Adverse effects may arise from an individual anticholinergic medicine, and from the cumulative effects of multiple medicines with varying degrees of anticholinergic properties

5CPA Update

New management features have been included into MRM to ensure the pharmacist complies with the new 5CPA rule changes, thereby minimising the risk of having their HMR / RMMR claims rejected. ... view video
Cardiovascular calculator  

Australian absolute cardiovascular disease risk calculator

An initiative of the National Vascular Disease Prevention Alliance

Australasian Medical Journal: analysis of Medscope's decision support system

An investigation into drug-related problems identifiable by commercial medication review software

Accredited pharmacists conduct home medicines reviews (HMRs) to detect and resolve potential drug-related problems (DRPs). A commercial expert system, Medscope Review Mentor (MRM), has been developed to assist pharmacists in the detection and resolution of potential DRPs. ... read AMJ article
About HMRAlert  

Building a HMR Business

A series of useful documents and presentations to assist MMR service providers to build a sustainable HMR business.
Quick tips and demos  

Medication Review Mentor How-To Videos

A collection of demonstration and quick tip videos that illustrate some of MRM's more advanced features.
HMR compliance tool  

HMR Compliance Self Assessment tool

Would you pass a Medicare HMR audit? Medscope's HMR compliance self assessment module walks you through the key aspects of the Medicare terms and conditions and PSA guidelines. Test your HMR processes and improve your chances of passing a Medicare audit.
medscope MRM version 2.12 features  

Medscope MRM version 2.12 upgrade features

The update focuses on features that are designed to assist the accredited pharmacist in meeting their HMR/RMMR compliance obligations. Version 2.12 also includes an innovative weekly HMR activity report that is automatically faxed to GPs. The activity report is a communicative tool to keep the GP informed and to assist in strengthening the relationship with the GP. Using MRM the pharmacist can present themselves as a professional HMR operation that the GP can have confidence in.
medscope MRM version 2.0 features  

Medscope MRM version 2.0 upgrade features

The new version 2.0 features include: Support for Direct and In-direct HMRs; New HMR claim form; HMR invoicing and claiming; Patient SMS reminders for scheduled HMR interview; auto fax/email requests for pathology and dispensing history information .... plus so much more. See pdf for details.
medscope MRM version 2.0 features  

Making Professional Services Work for You

A talk by Dr Peter Tenni aimed at pharmacies wishing to implement Home Medication Reviews. The focus of the presentation was directed to pharmacy owners wanting to know How to Make HMRs a Core Part of your Business
Journal: Evidence-based publications demonstrating the benefits of MMRs in health care  

Journal: International Journal for Quality in Health Care Advance Access

Prevalence of preventable medication-related hospitalizations in Australia: an opportunity to reduce harm

The results of this study highlight those conditions where hospitalizations could potentially be avoided through improved medication management. Strategies to increase the awareness, identification and resolution of these medicationrelated problems contributing to these hospitalizations are required in Australia.
Journal: Evidence-based publications demonstrating the benefits of MMRs in health care  

Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics published 2012

The potential for intelligent decision support systems to improve the quality and consistency of medication reviews
GP Activity report  

GP Activity Report

MRM automatically faxes (or emails) a weekly GP Activity Report to GPs linked to any current referral in your MRM account. These reports are sent out every Monday morning and reflect the activity and status of the GP's referrals over the previous week. An option is available in the GP's address Book card to disable the auto activity report.
Journal index  

Index to other MMR publications

medscope MRM version 2.0 features  

Making Professional Services Work for You

A talk by Dr Peter Tenni aimed at pharmacies wishing to implement Home Medication Reviews. The focus of the presentation was directed to pharmacy owners wanting to know How to Make HMRs a Core Part of your Business
AusPharm article  

Australian Pharmacist feature article

HMRs – status quo or quo vadis? - by Dr. Peter Tenni

It has been almost 10 years since Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs) were introduced. While there has been some growth in this area, there are still significant barriers to making this critical service a routine part of pharmacy practice. In this article I will look at some of the past statistics, explore some of the barriers and present some points for a business case for pharmacies and accredited pharmacists
AusPharm article  

AACP newsletter

Changes to HMR 5cpa - Direct Referrals.

The ability for a GP to directly refer to an accredited pharmacist (Direct Referrals) is the biggest change to the Home Medication Review scheme since its inception, 10 years ago.

For consultant pharmacists, direct referrals presents a new opportunity to scale their businesses up and consolidate relationships with GPs and patients.

For pharmacy owners, there is significant integration between pharmacy-conducted HMRs and other professional services, including weight loss, diabetes management and smoking cessation. How a pharmacy reacts to Direct Referrals will directly affect the business’ future Professional Services strategy.
AusPharm article  

GP HMR Information Pack

Medscope has compiled an HMR GP information pack to assist accredited pharmacists in promoting the benefits of Home Medication Reviews to their GP clinics.

With the onset of Direct Referrals from 1st October 2011 many pharmacies and pharmacists are positioning themselves to leverage the business opportunities that will come with direct referrals by creating strong relationships with practice managers and illustrating the benefits of HMRs to both patient and clinic. The material compiled by Medscope will assist you in this process.
HMR Consumer Brochure  

HMR Consumer Brochure

This generic brochure has been made available by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia for accredited pharmacists to market their services to patients. A spot exists on the first page to place your own logo and contact details.
Mailchimp email  

Email to subscribers - Changes to RMMR service and introduction of Direct Referrals

Medscope will be updating Medication Review Manager (MRM) in the coming months to incorporate the workflow necessary to facilitate these changes. Most of the requirements demanded from pharmacists can be automated within MRM.

The initial reaction by many pharmacists has been one of confusion. Be assured that Medscope will sift through the details and update MRM ensuring easy workflow management.
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Email to subscribers - QUM Reports (Analysing your medication reviews data)

Data collected during your medication reviews can help GPs and aged care facilities identify trends that could have a significant impact on how medication is administered - Quality Use of Medicines.

The statistical analysis reports in Medication Review Mentor were updated in version 1.60 to help the pharmacist to analyse trends across all of their medication review patients. Data can be segmented by GP, aged case facility and drug classes.
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Email to subscribers - HMR Follow-Ups (An under-utilised source of Medication Reviews for pharmacists).

One area of the HMR process that pharmacists have great influence is in annual review follow-ups. Under the DMMR scheme, eligible patients should have their medicines usage reviewed every 24 months (less for higher risk patients).

In most other health-related businesses, regular follow-up reminders to patients are typical, and critical to growing visit numbers. When it comes to Medication Reviews, however, pharmacists appear to be missing out on business potential because of poorly managed follow-up processes.
AusPharm article  

AACP newsletter September, 2010

Professional Medication Review software for Pharmacists and Business.

Medscope's Medication Review Manager™ (MRM™) is an easy to use, professional grade system for assisting accredited pharmacists in managing and writing medication reviews (HMRs and RMMRs). MRM goes beyond simple report templates; it incorporates expert system technology that assists in the identification of priority adverse drug issues.
AusPharm article  

Dr. Peter Tenni's AusPharm article

Making Medication Reviews More Efficient. It has been almost 10 years since Home Medicine Reviews (HMRs) were introduced and it is interesting to read some of the recent posts of the difficult early days and the excitement regarding the potential changes in business rules.

In this article, I want to outline the business case for doing more HMRs and introduce Medscope's MRM, some software that intruduces significant efficiencies into the process.
Business case for pharmacy  

Business case for pharmacy

Medication Review Manager is being implemented by number of pharmacies to centralise Home Medication Review workflow; allowing them to manage and direct referrals to accredited pharmacists.

Community Pharmacies committed to HMRs will have to (at some point in time) implement a HMR system, either by purchasing MRM or developing their own managed system.
Business case for pharmacy  

Implementing MRM across a pharmacy group

Medication Review Manager (MRM) is a medication review platform that be implemented as either a centralised (head office) managed system or as a locally (pharmacy level) managed system.
MRM Brochure  

Medication Review Manager™ Brochure

An two page overview of Medication Review Manager.
Print this brochure for reference when discussing the attributes of Medication Review Manager with your colleagues.
MRM White paper  

A White Paper on Medication Review Manager™

This white paper describes how MRM works and why MRM's performance is better than existing static drug reference systems.

The Medication Review Manager (MRM) is a system that provides information in context of the case parameters. The system is trained to identify a combination of parameters that exist to present to the user a particular problem description, based on the data collected from thousands of real cases. This major advantage of MRM means that it provides information in the context of the diagnoses, drugs and doses, signs and symptoms and pathology results specific to the case being reviewed. MRM can also identify many issues relating to sub-optimal or missing treatment of disease states, something which other decision support systems can not do.
MRM Brochure  

PowerPoint show of Dr. Peter Tenni's presentation on MRM @ ConPharm 2010.

At Conpharm 2010, Medscope held a seminar on Medication Review Manager.

The talk was presented by Dr. Peter Tenni. The powerpoint slides can be seen here.