Medication Review Manager (MRM) - iPad.

- Just type in your iPad Safari browser

The iPad provides fantastic mobility and flexibility for accredited pharmacists, particularly during the interview stage.

With MRM at your fingertips you can:
  • Use the embedded maps to help you find the patient's home.
  • Refer to the patient's previous reviews (and notes) during the interview.
  • Update the patient's profile with newly acquired information and re-run the MRM expert system to check if there are any other issues that need investigating.
  • Update interview notes directly into MRM.
  • Consult with a colleague to discuss a particular review.
  • Train staff.
  • Promote the value of HMRs to patients and GPs.
The iPad is far more discrete than a laptop and enables the pharmacist to record information while still maintain eye contact with the patient. The iPad does not place a barrier (as do laptop screens) between you and your patient.

Medscope will continue to develop MRM iPad with new features to assist the mobile pharmacist.
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