Medscope Medication Review Manager Decision Support

Medication Review Reporting.

A large amount of the accredited pharmacist's time in conducting a medication review is spent preparing and writing the medication review report. This phase consists of both the analysis of the case and the physical task of writing (communicating your findings to the GP).

MRM's expert decision support system assists the pharmacist in both tasks and greatly improves the efficiency, consistency and quality of the final report.

Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan (SOAP) notes
MRM uses a modified SOAP structure for reporting the issues identified by the expert system. SOAP notes is the standard for communicating medical evaluations and is preferred by GPs because it avoids ambiguity and clarifies the pharmacist's intent. Each issue includes a statement of fact, a reason why the issue is relevant and a recommendation to resolve or prevent the issue. MRM's wording, however, can be customised and personalised to suit individuals' reporting styles.

Personalising involves replacing references to the patient, with the patient's name. A report preference set via the My Account menu controls this behaviour. Once set, personalisation occurs automatically.

Customising involves editing the MRM findings to your own wording. Options exist to apply the wording change only to the current case, or every time the alert is activated.

The Report Template
The default report template in MRM has been designed in collaboration with GPs. Its purpose is to communicate the review's outcomes in a concise and consistent manner in a format that forms the basis for the GP's Medication Management Plan. For the GP, the report is a filed patient document that needs to communicate findings and action plan in a simple and direct way.

Many of our first comments received from new MRM users have been about the positive responses given to them from GPs on the review report format.

The MRM report is a Microsoft Word document that can be edited by the pharmacist before finalising. Being a Word document, all the standard Word functionality (formatting, spell checking etc) is available.

Customising the Medication Review Template.
One size, however, does not fit all ..... no problem .... customise.

We can customise the default MRM report to suit individual pharmacists' personal preferences. Just email us an electronic copy (Word document) of the template layout you prefer, and we will alter the MRM report to suit. Then, every time you log on, you get your structure and format.

Sending reports back to the GP.
Rather than develop another parallel system for sending reports back to the GP, Medscope taps into the existing commercial GP secure messaging systems (Argus™ and ReferralNet™). These commercial systems will automatically identify MRM reports and place them directly into the patient's results folder in the GPs clinical software.

Pharmacists will need to purchase the messaging system software separately.