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Medication Review Follow-up Management.

One area of the HMR process that pharmacists have great influence is in annual review follow-ups. Under the DMMR scheme, eligible patients should have their medicines usage reviewed every 24 months (less for higher risk patients).

In most other health-related businesses, regular follow-up reminders to patients are typical, and critical to growing visit numbers. When it comes to Medication Reviews, however, pharmacists appear to be missing out on business potential because of poorly managed follow-up processes.

Medication Review Manager release 1.50 - Follow-up Management Console

A new referral follow-up management console has been added to MRM to help you manage your HMR (and RMMR) follow-up. Using the console you can:
  • Receive regular emails notifying them of follow-ups due in the next four weeks (or other customisable period).
  • Reminder letters to the patient's GP, requesting they initiate a follow-up referral
  • Reminder letters to patient informing them that their follow-up review is due.
  • Maintain an audit log so you know if/when letters have been sent (to GP and/or Patient)
  • Ability to postpone the reminder to a future date
  • Cancel the follow-up reminder.

Activating/Deactivating the Follow-up console
The new consol is activated by setting the Alert preference to a non-zero value ... or deactivating it by setting the Alert preference to 0.
  1. Click on the My Account tab
  2. Expand the Preferences node (LHS) so that the Alerts option becomes visible.
  3. Click on Alerts under the Preferences node
  4. Set the Follow up HMR alert option to receive automatic email alerts (optional)
  5. Set the Notify follow up referrals due within setting to a non-zero value (recommend 4 weeks)
Accessing the follow up console
If follow-up referrals are due, a green bar appears on your referral list. Click on the bar to view the follow-up list. NOTE The Follow-up console (green bar) is only visible if you have follow-up referrals due within the set notify period.

Accessing the follow up console

The Follow-up management console

The Follow-up management console

What can you do from the follow-up management console?
View patient's last referral View the details of the previous referral. The follow-up alert is triggered by the follow-up date set when the patient's last referral was completed.
Print notification letters From the print sub-menu you can print notification letters to the patient and/or to the patient's GP.
GP letter (selected patient) - print a GP notification letter for the selected patient
GP letter (all GP's patients) - print a single GP notification letter, but list all the patients (linked to the selected GP) who are due for a follow-up referral, and have not had a GP notification letter printed for them already.
Patient letter (selected patient) - print a follow-up reminder to the selected patient
Patient letter (all patients) - print a follow-up reminder to all the patients in the list who have not been sent a letter already. The MS Word document produced is multi-paged, a page for each patient.
Reschedule alert notification Change the follow-up date for the selected referral. If the new date is outside of the current alert band (default next 4 weeks) the referral will disappear from the list, and re-appear when it next falls within the alert band.
Cancel alert notification Cancel the follow-up alert for the selected patient. The patient will not be having a follow-up review.

How do I convert a follow-up alert into a new review?
Enter the follow-up referral into MRM in the normal manner by clicking on the green cross New referral from the main referral screen - click on the yellow bar from the follow-up console to return to the main current referrals list. MRM will automatically reset the follow-up date for the newly entered patient. This means the follow-up notification will be removed from the management console, and reappear 12 month after the completion of the new review.

How do I set the follow-up date?
A review's follow-up date is set when the report is completed and sent to the GP.

Complete report button

By default, MRM will set the follow-up date to 12 months after the completion date, but the pharmacist can change it to any date.

Setting the follow-up date

Follow up alert email.
Email reminders are sent every Monday morning to the pharmacist listing the patients that are either over-due for a follow-up, or are due for a follow-up in the coming (set) period.

Note an email is sent only if follow-ups exist, otherwise no email is sent. You can prevent MRM from sending you notification emails by setting the appropriate alert setting from the My Account tab - see section titled Activating/Deactivating the Follow-up console above.
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